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SkyView on 7th sits within the Opportunity Zone.

Learn more about the advantages of being within the Opportunity Zone.

Opportunity Zones are designated areas in the United States that provide tax incentives to encourage long-term investments in economically distressed communities. The primary benefit of investing in Opportunity Zones is the potential for significant tax advantages. Here are a few key benefits:


1. Tax deferral: Investors can defer paying taxes on capital gains from the sale of an asset if they reinvest those gains in an Opportunity Zone fund within a specific time frame.


2. Tax reduction: If the investment in the Opportunity Zone is held for at least five years, the investor receives a 10% reduction in the deferred capital gains taxes. Holding the investment for at least seven years results in an additional 5% reduction, making it a total reduction of 15%.


3. Tax exemption on new gains: If the investment in the Opportunity Zone is held for at least ten years, any new capital gains generated from the investment are tax-free.


4. Community development: Opportunity Zone investments aim to revitalize distressed areas by attracting new businesses, creating jobs, and improving infrastructure. Investors have the opportunity to contribute to positive economic and social change in underserved communities.

SKYVIEW on 7th

SkyView on 7th Opportunity Zone
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